Originally, this was to be a blog about my preparations to enter the TGO Challenge in 2012. For a variety of reasons that didn't happen, so this has now become the repository for my outdoor musings.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Gratuitous Mountain Pictures

I've just been browsing through some pictures on my PC, and I'm feeling inspired! We're off to Ardnamurchan in January and it can't come soon enough...

See what you think:

Cloud rolling between Cribyn and Fan Y Big

After climbing through the clouds, I spent the rest of the day in the sun. Neuadd Reservoir Horseshoe.

From the same walk, taken from the summit of Cribyn, I think.

Corn Du

Coming off of the Black Mountain. It was forecast to be sunny!

On the Five Sisters of Kintail, well one of them anyway...

The view north from the Five Sisters.

Frozen Fronds on Pen Yr Ole Wen



  1. I think they are fantastic. Found you of Alan Slomans blog. Nice blog.

  2. Thanks Martin!

    Good blog btw.