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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

BMC Winter Skills

After getting back from my jaunt round the Brecons on Friday, I had about 45 minutes to get myself freshened up before I shot back out again. One of the BMC Winter Skills lectures was being held in Cheltenham and I had a ticket!

Hosted by the Worcester/Cheltenham-based outdoor store Mountain Shack at Pates Grammer School's Outdoor Education Unit, this lecture lasted about 2 hours and covered a wide range of subjects, from kit and clothing to avalanche awareness, taking in weather, decision making and movement skills along the way. Tamsin Gay and Tim Blakemore were the presenters, and they kept the hundred or so in attendance entertained throughout.

I would say that a lot of the information was not new to me but it was put in to a specific winter context which was very useful. Stuff on avalanche awareness was extremely interesting, particularly in light of my trip to the Highlands in January.

Overall well worth the time and money to go, and it meant Friday was an Outdoors-heavy day! I was properly shattered by the time I got home and slept like the proverbial log!

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